Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another night down

Lan spent another night in his bed. He woke up once last night and when I got to the room, he wanted me to have El Toro (the bull he sleeps with.) LOL.

But yay! That's five nights in the bed.

Oh, and last night, Miss Cole thought she might have other plans, so I asked Danny's friend, Miss Tamra if she would watch Landon at the gym (for volleyball.) I prepped Landon on Monday, telling him that Miss Tamra would be there instead of Miss Cole. Well, plans changed, and Miss Cole was able to make when we pulled up to the gym, Landon asked where Miss Tamra was...

I informed him that Miss Tamra wasn't going to be there, that Miss Cole was going to watch him.
Landon: "Oh, you didn't know Miss Cole was coming, you thought Miss Tamra was?"
Yeah, Kiddo, mommy was wrong. LOL.

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