Monday, April 20, 2009


We've been co-sleeping since Landon was born. At first, it was easier to keep him in the bed, since I was lazy nursing. After I quit nursing, we tried several times to get him to sleep in his crib, but he has horrible gag reflex, and would end up vomiting all over everything from crying when we left him. I couldn't stand to let him cry it out, only to end up throwing up on everything.

That plus we loved having him in the bed. Both Bryan and I enjoyed snuggling with him during the night. We liked having him close. Spending most of our day at work, and away from Landon, this gave us extra time to enjoy being with him. We realized that having him in our bed, let him learn to trust that we would be there for him, and wanted to be there with him. There's no greater moments, than snuggling next to your kid, smelling them, listening to their little breaths...enjoying being a parent.

When we got the new house last year, I couldn't imagine putting him to bed by himself upstairs. And I couldn't handle how that might make him feel...taking him out of our bed, where he was comfortable and putting him upstairs away from us. Landon is such a great kid (we're definitely blessed.)

But he's three now...three! My little boy is growing up. And we want to have another child, so we decided to stop co-sleeping. And Landon, I know, is ready for that.

On Friday, we spent the night preparing him for a night upstairs. One thing I was worried about was his attachment to my hair. (he tells me its soft like a blanket.) We bought several toys (bribery works - he potty trained in a weekend with it!) and set them up on his armour so that he could see what he got if he stayed in his room.

After a bath and a show (transformers), Landon said Good Night to Bryan and we headed upstairs to read two books and go to bed. Unfortunately, when we got up there, Landon cried and cried. Not what you think...he wanted his crib! His baby bed. BUT his crib hasn't been set up since we moved. We took the crib and made the full size bed in his room. So we spent the next hour taking the full bed apart and putting the crib back together. Luckily for us, Landon is still small and fits easily in the crib.

When it was finally all together, we rocked and read two books...then Landon got in with El Toro, his Gator pillow and a blanket. As soon as I laid him down, he asked if it was 'wake time' yet. Uh, not yet. We did the "is it wake time, is it sunny day" for about 7 minutes, then three more minutes and he was out.

He woke up 5 times Friday night. I'd take him out of the bed, rock him for a little bit, then put him back in. He never asked for my hair, or asked me to stay. In the morning, Bryan went up and got him and Landon got Inferno - the transformer.

Saturday night, we read another two books, and then into the crib. Less than 10 minutes and he was asleep (I sit in the rocking chair til he goes to sleep.) He only woke up two times and this night, I didn't even take him out...he went back to sleep very quickly. That morning he got another Transformer, some triceratops thing.

On Sunday, for nap time, he asked to go upstairs. I put him in the crib, he told me it was sunny! I said, "Yes, but this is nap time, so you just need to rest for a little bit" Landon, "Oh, like school." Exactly. Then he told me to leave. LOL. I left and he was out - for three hours!

Sunday night, we did 2 books and right into the crib. Asleep within 5 minutes. And he didn't wake up AT ALL! Not once. At 6:30, he woke up asking for Mommy wanting to know if it was Sunny Day? Sure enough...he got a bouncy ball with blue glitter in it.

I can not believe how well this is going. I know there's going to be nights where it's not this easy, but Landon is such a great kid, I have no doubt we'll be able to get through those nights and move on.

* The crib has several pros over a full size bed. Landon feels secure inside the bed. Also, he can lay in there, and understands that we can't lay in there with him. And, of course, he can't have my hair while he's laying in there! I can't believe after three years, we're finally getting use out of that $600 bed!

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