Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

At the last minute, we decided to head to West Texas / New Mexico for Easter. What a great decision. We had a wonderful time.

We left Thursday night, late, arriving in Muleshoe about 6:15am on Friday. After a short nap, we went out for breakfast. I thought the temps were going to be close to 70 all weekend, I knew it'd be cold in the morning, but figured it'd warm up quickly. yeah, that didn't happen. It was in the 30s with an even lower windchill. Brr.

After my sister treated us to breakfast burritos, we went back to work in the yard at her house. They live in the house we grew up in, and ever since we've lived there, a horrid vine has grown in the back yard. Nothing kills it. Nothing. The vine has now gone along the side of the house and all through a ginormous rose bush. While my brother-in-law and nephews worked on some dog pens, the rest of us worked on pulling up the vine. We started around 10:30, Bryan broke the hoe, so we left about 2:30. My hamstrings were already screaming.

Got to my mom's house, my sister and her kids were there. Landon was in cousins heaven. Bryan grilled steaks, although he didn't quite get them cooked to every one's liking. Apparently, they don't enjoy bloody steak. After nuking them in the microwave, everyone had some great dinner.

Saturday was our run in the cemetary. 10 miles in about 30 degrees...with wind and rain drops every once in a while. Bry headed to golf in Muleshoe. Bryan said it was cold and when they finally decided to play, there was a downpour, so they headed back home, soaking wet and freezing.

We had a bowling birthday party to go to after that. Great fun. The kids bowled on two lanes with bumpers and the adults bowled on another two lanes. I opted out, until my aunt threw her ball backwards, then I took over for her. That hurt the legs.

It started pouring after that and was back down in the high 30s. We went over to Leal's for dinner, then back home for rest.

Sunday finally warmed up, to the 40s that is. It may have been in the 50s by the afternoon, but there was still a strong wind. After church, it was out to my aunts for Sunday Dinner. Sharon made turkey, ham, dressing, macaroni and cheese, a casserole with mashed potatoes, broccoli, and my mom made a salad and pink fruit salad. For dessert my mom had made cream puffs. Jana had told her the night before not to be stingy like Grandma was, and to go ahead and make plenty extra so we could all have two. There were plenty, that's for sure.

All the ladies hid the eggs after lunch. The kids had a great time hunting...their favorite was confetti eggs, which they all started smashing on every one's heads. Abby, my niece, accidentally used a hard boil on her brother's head.

After visiting in the afternoon, we loaded up and headed out. We stopped in Muleshoe to visit with Jill for a while, Landon and Kallie played...then it was on the road again. Bryan made it to Abilene where we stopped at a Hampton Inn. Wonderful idea. Lan woke up in the morning and said, "what happened?" looking around at the hotel room. We were glad to be well rested, and enjoyed the continental breakfast.

We hit the outlet mall in Cypress and bought a few things, then home sweet home. Lan was so excited to see his toys again. I was so glad to see my bed again.

It was a wonderful weekend. So glad I have such a great husband who doesn't mind driving us 11 hours to see family. He truly is wonderful. I'll have to tell him that. LOL.

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