Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kemah - Holy Hot Batman!

I've been wanting to go to Kemah to eat at Babin's before the fish market exceeds our financial budget (thanks BP!) So, off we went last night.  Fridays in June is fireworks, which we've done several years in the past...we know what we're doing.  We park on the very top level of the garage, facing out - so 1) we have awesome view of the fireworks from our car and 2) we can leave as soon as their over.

After parking, we walk down to Babin's to find it chained off.  Sign said it was closed for the day.  Hopefully it's not closed forever - we couldn't get the story on it.  So instead we decided to try the new seafood buffet there (that replaced Kemah Crabhouse.)  It was okay.  Way cheaper than what we would have spent at Babin's. 
We've started packing ham and cheese sandwiches for Landon everywhere we go.  Its actually something he'll eat and doesn't cost us $6 for a bowl of kraft mac and cheese.  Well, the manager comes over and tells us that Galveston County food ordinance doesn't allow outside food - uh, whatever.  He mentions that Landon can eat the buffet for free since he's only 4.  To which I reply - 'That's great, except there's nothing a child will eat on your Buffet."

So after some strawberries, watermelon and rice (great dinner, huh) I sneak Landon bites of his sandwich.  LOL.  How pathetic is that.  Anyway - Bryan and I had nice meals - though I won't be going back again.  Just not GREAT food.  I'd rather have eaten at Joe's. 

After dinner, we walked down to the playground.  It was breezy and overcast, so 87 wasn't so hot.  We even had a few sprinkles.  Bryan promised Landon a train ride, which I declined.  So I found a bench in a breezy area by the train tracks and off the boys went.  An hour (seemed that way) later the boys finally rode by on the train.  By this time, the breeze was gone, mama was HOT and my ankles were the size of small nations.  The boys found me again and we headed to the car.  We sat inside with the AC for a couple minutes to get me cooled off and then popped the back and waited for Fireworks.

Fireworks were great.  Landon said he didn't like the loud ones - and kept trying to hold Bryan's ears closed.  Not sure why he didn't just hold his own ears.  After a long firework show, we loaded up and got out of there in less than 5 minutes.  Wow. 

Headed home for some much needed showers and conked out for the night.  I think I just heard Landon turn on his TV upstairs, so I guess he's up.  Not sure what's on the agenda for today - may be our last weekend as a 3 person household! 


  1. I've been wanting to take Ellie to Kemah lately. Have to copy your idea about the parking garage :)

    Looking forward to the baby post!

  2. We tried to go to Babin's in May and had the same problem. Wonder what's up?