Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week 36 and 5 days

Had a checkup with Dr. Nguyen.  Bryan got to tag along this time (since we were going to have an ultrasound!)  First off, Julie (the awesome nurse) wouldn't let me see my real weight.  Thank you (I think.)  Not sure what she wrote down but it wasn't my real weight because Dr. N asked if I was dieting...uh, no.

Dr. N did an internal - 1.5 centimeters dilated and 25% effaced.  And she's still pretty high.  By this time with Landon I was 2 and over 50% - so we'll see.  Surprising both Bryan and I, Dr. N said he thinks she'll be coming in the next week.  He said, "she could always decide to hang out for a while, but I don't think she will."  Really trying not to get my hopes up (too high, anyway.) 

After the internal, we got an ultrasound. She's head down and facing the right way (facing my spine.)  And yes, still a girl!  Although she didn't want us looking at her parts.  She wasn't facing us, so we didn't get a good look at her face or profile, but afterwards, I realized, I didn't notice any hair floating around her little head.  (Who knows, though, I was kind of in awe.)  Dr. N thinks she still pretty small.  Close to 6 pounds.

Another appointment for next Friday - wonder if I'll get to see Dr. N before then!!  Mom flies in a week from Monday (21) so she's hoping Mackenzie holds on til then.  Me - not so much.  LOL. 

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