Friday, August 20, 2010

Granny and Jana

My Granny and my younger sister came in this week.  We still don't know how she convinced my Granny to come with her, but I'm so glad she did.

They stopped at my Dad's house on the way down and stayed the night there.  Then they took their time as they drove across Texas.  They stopped in Fredericksburg for lunch (they were a little disappointed in the food.)  They did great, but got a little nervous on the toll road when the arm didn't go up fast enough.  It eventually went up, and they were able to go on through, guess it was just a little bit slow. 

Then their GPS stopped talking to them.  "Suzi" wasn't giving them directions.  That, coupled with the four exits to our house changing caused a little panic.  Granny said she was clenching the quarter bag, but Jana was able to navigate around and eventually found the house.

On Sunday, we went to brunch at La Brisa - delicious.  Bryan and I had gone on Saturday with mom - we got the same waiter.  Mom must have tipped him good because he was very helpful on Sunday, even brought tortillas to our table!

After brunch, we went to Galveston.  We dropped Bryan and Landon off at 8 mile road and the girls went to the strand to shop.  First stop was the Candy Store.  They were working the taffy machine, so we got warm fresh raspberry taffy.  We also decided to have some ice cream.  Jana got lime sherbet which she decided was pretty sour.   Granny had strawberry cheesecake and I got caramel torte. 

We walked around a couple blocks, stopping in at Gracies and Tina's - or any where else when we needed some air conditioning.  It was HOT!  Then we got back in the car and headed back to get Landon and Bryan. 
The boys had seen an eel!  It was digging itself into the sand.  Still can't believe it.  Landon was so glad to finally get to go back to the beach!

On Monday after work, I took the girls to Cha.rlie.  We spent an hour and a half in there.  I know they both wished they had more money to spend.  After that, we went buy Joann's.  Jana found plenty she wanted, but decided to save her money.  I got some supplies to finish the nursing cover I'm working on.  Then back to the house for German chocolate cake. 

Tuesday, after work, we went to watch Bryan play volleyball (I go back to Dr. Sands on Tuesday - hopefully for him to say "no surgery required"!)

Thursday, after Mackenzie's checkup, we all came onsite to JSC, showed off MK and then toured MCC.

We had a great time.  I'm so glad they both made the trip out here.  I think we wore Granny out, but I'm pretty sure she had fun.  Another great week.

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