Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kids Playing

Mackenzie is trying so hard to talk.  She'll coo and then forget how she did it.  She's all smiles now and still loves Landon.  She's eating about 3 bottles a day while I'm at work, only 3 ounces...but then I let her eat as much as she wants to when I get home.  She's still sleeping fairly well.  She eats around 9, goes to sleep around 11 (usually) and then wakes up between 3 and 5.  I wake her up around 6:30 if she doesn't wake up on her own and nurse again.  Then I pump before I leave for work.  Pumping is still going well.  I'm producing more than she needs right now, so I'm able to store up quite a bit.  I'm still amazed every time I open the deep freeze to see all that milk.  It wasn't at all this easy with Landon.  Of course, he never really ate a lot, and still doesn't.  (Not like his mom at all!)

Mackenzie loves to lay on her back and kick her toys.  She gets a kick out of the mirror and loves when Landon plops down beside her and talks.  She is truley in love with him, as much as he is with her.  Its great to see them together.

Landon, of course, is a monkey. He's constantly doing hand stands on the couch or the chair.  He'll run, put his arms and head down and flip up his legs.  He's crazy!
He also does this great act where he jumps up on Bryan's shoulders (while Bryan's watching TV) and then hosts a circus: "Thank you, thank you, everybody.  Look up here, time for circus."  It's hilarious.  (Bryan probably doesn't think so as Landon repeatedly jumps on his shoulders.

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