Monday, June 20, 2011

Thoughts from Landon

Landon asked to go to Bryan's office.  I told Landon that Bryan had to move to back to his old office.  Landon asked why he had to move.  I said that they probably didn't have money to pay for the newer building. 
Landon says, "or maybe someone had a cow."


On the way to volleyball, Landon asks, "mom, how do old people pray?"
(no clue where that came from...)


Landon was looking at my wedding ring and told me it was getting loose (I've told him before that it won't come off.) 
Landon:  Why is it getting loose?
Me: That just happens sometimes when my hands get cold.
Landon: Oh, its because you're getting old (I freely admit I have wrinkly old lady hands...I do, seriously.)
Landon looks up at my hair (which hasn't been colored in a few weeks.
Landon: Yep, you're getting old - I see all that white hair.


Landon:  What if everyone was born grown up...and then we had to turn into babies?  And no one could eat healthy food.  And then all the babies would be driving cars.
(He assumes that healthy food makes you grow up big and "obviously" not eating healthy food makes you grown young like a baby - wish that was true.)


Every time I get Kenzie's hair wet in the tub, Landon starts cracking up and saying that she looks like a boy.  He thinks it's so funny.

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  1. LOL! Kids say the darndest things! I wish we could all eat junk food and look younger. That's an excellent idea.