Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kenzie Paige - 1 year Old

Things Kenzie enjoys
  • following Landon
  • hiding her paci's all over the house
  • the tv remote
  • opening cabinets - especially the one with my mixer in it
  • unrolling toilet paper
  • watching the fish
  • putting toys in the toilet
  • saying da-da
  • being outside
  • watching someone open her snack containers
  • crawling under the pews at church
  • say da-da (serioulsy - loves it)
  • she can say pretty, dada, mama, landon, bubba (her nickanme for landon), kenzie, jill (just learned this), emma, da-da-duh, cat, this
  • she can drink through a straw - and loves it
  • going to bed in her crib - without being rocked to sleep
  • taking a bath
  • drinking bath water
  • climbing up the stairs
  • pulling everything out of drawers, purses, bags, boxes
Doesn't enjoy:
  • her sippy cups when their full of cold milk.
  • landon putting his arm on her car seat
  • rocking to sleep
  • rafts at the waterpark (although she loves the water)
  • mom leaving the room
She has her moments, but we've been blessed with a second child that's really good.  It's crazy how different she is from Landon, but at the same time so similiar.  She loves her brother and he loves her (and loves to torment her! - He's so ready for her to be able to wrestle him!)  She loves seeing someone she recognizes.  I love that baby girl - she's beautiful and wonderful and I'm so glad she's ours.

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