Friday, August 19, 2011

Before we start school...

Landon starts school on Monday.  I can't believe it.  Bryan and I went to the school yesterday for Parent Orientation.  His teacher seems really nice and super excited.  Being kids of teachers (both Bryan's mom and my mom taught for years and years...) we know the "other side" of teaching.  Landon's class room is super cute - you can tell she's put a lot of effort into the room.  (Something my mom worked on every August.)

Today Landon got to meet the teacher.  We took in all our supplies, met the teacher, found his chair and then went on a school scavenger hunt to find different parts of the school.  We met the music teacher and the art teacher.  Found the gym, the cafeteria, the computer lab, art room, music room, bathrooms, nurses office and library.  Neat way to introduce the kids to the school. 

After that, Bryan, Landon and I went downtown to the Children's Museum.  Lan (and Bryan) had a great time.  It was super hot and I'm glad we convinced Landon to go there instead of his original choice - the zoo!  Way too hot for the zoo in Houston.  

After that we stopped at Sam's to try to find a snack Landon could (would) eat at school.  We ended up with chex mix and babybel.  Bought some Z-bars, but he pretended to vomit so that's on the no list for now.

Can't believe he'll be starting school on Monday - where did the time go??

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