Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I have this pillow...

My cousin always does these "I have this..." blog stories.  Here's one of mine.
I have this pillow. My Grandma sewed everything when we were growing up.  I can't tell you how many dresses she made - for me, my sisters, my cousins, mother, aunt.  She made so many beautiful things.  I can remember summers of shopping in fabric stores, pinning patterns, cutting out fabric and sewing.  I was SO blessed to get her sewing table - you can barely see it in the back corner of this picture - along with her sewing machine which I love to use.

The picture below is Landon holding a pillow Grandma and I made.  She had so many old buttons!!  She sewed them on this scrap of fabric - actually the fabric was a furniture fabric remnant.  Then I sewed the pillow, and she stuffed it.  I love this pillow.  I have several other remnant pillows - but this is my favorite.  I love knowing that she picked out the buttons, and she sewed them on.  I miss her so much, but am so blessed she gave us so much to remember.

I have this pillow...

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