Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Week of Kindergarden

Landon was very nervous the first morning.  Bryan and I both went to class with him.  He was okay when we got there...he knew a few of the kids in his class from daycare.  There was another boy there crying that he knew, Landon went over and gave the kid a hug.  By the time we got everything situated, Landon started tearing up.  He didn't want us to leave - that breaks my heart.  He has a great teacher, she told him to walk around with her and help her.  (He told us later that he stopped crying because he got to walk with her.)

He rode the bus to daycare and Bryan got off early and picked up both kids and took them to McDonald's.  Landon was so excited to tell us all about school and riding the bus. 
The next day, Bryan and I took him again.  We waited in the hall by his classroom since it wasn't open yet - the teacher came in from the gym with all the other kids, and Landon, once again cried when it was time for us to leave.  Ugh.
But then after school - he's so happy - telling us everything that was new, so happy about music class.

On the third day, just Landon and I went - it was early, so we went to the gym, where all the kids sit in lines according to grade level.  Landon didn't see anyone he knew, and started crying again, asking if I could stay with him.  Finally, a girl in his class came and sat with him. 
After school - he went on and on about how AWESOME PE was!  He loved.  He told me every detail of the gym.  And he said lunch was awesome too (he's been taking a packed lunch since day 2.)

The fourth day - all night before he kept saying he was nervous and he didn't like going to the gym in the morning.  We talked it through and decided he should take a book to read. So, day four, get to the gym (oh! he wanted to do the kissing hand in the car, so no one would see...) and he sees his new friend - he slowly walks over and asks me if I'm sure he can read the book he brought - I say yes (and hope that its true.) He's fine - no crying!!

The fifth day, we got there before his new friend, and the teacher in  the gym starts calling out (over the PA) "who's a friend of Landon?" - Really , not helping here.  I take him to the end of the line and tell him to save a spot for his friend, but he's already bawling.  I left him crying.
Of course he comes home again, telling us how great school is and how much he loves it!  Just want to get over this morning stuff.  Of course this week, everything is different and they get to do activities in the morning - computer class, library, science, hopefully Monday morning goes much smoother.

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  1. I am sure the mornings will soon be a breeze. Especially since he seems to really love school once it gets going! I was surprised with how hard letting go was for me! I have been taking Ellie to daycare for years, but kindergarten was just so...emotional for me!