Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sick Child

I got a call from daycare Friday afternoon - letting me know that Landon was sick to his stomach.  Landon's been bullied at daycare this week - nothing very serious, but enough to make me want to find the bully!  Bryan and I talked to Landon and tried to explain why kids bully other kids, and how he should react.  Anyway, I thought his stomach ache might be related to that.  As it turns out, he was really sick.

We got home and he was acting normal.  Then all of the sudden, he runs to the bathroom.  Sure enough, vomits everywhere.  Kenzie follows us in and she starts copying Landon making gagging sounds.  About 10 minutes later...the sickness comes out the other side.  Then he starts complaining of chills. Landon went to bed at 6 that night!!

He was okay the rest of the weekend, still having a few issues with stomach stuff.  But then he got a horrible cough and could barely talk.  His nose has been running non-stop.  We kept a bucket for him to use to throw up...sure enough, Kenzie picks it up and pretends to gag.

Thankfully tomorrow is a holiday and Bryan can stay home with Landon.

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