Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011 - Part 2

Saturday morning we had Christmas with my mom and sisters.  Everyone came over for breakfast - which worked out great and will probably be the new tradition (replacing the old tradition of dinner on the 23rd.)  Bryan cooked breakfast tacos, mom made pigs in a blanket.  It was all delicious.  It was soon a blur of wrapping paper and laughing kids.

E!!  She always tries to hide in pictures, Cousins - waiting to open presents.

Dark picture - sorry. More waiting.

My eyes are closed - like 80% of my pictures.  Kenzie wasn't too sure about her horse.

Landon - happy to have more toys!

Kenzie getting Grammy to read to her.

We got great things from everyone.  I love being able to have Christmas with my sisters.  Love seeing Landon with all his cousins.  Kenzie asking everyone she sees for more "pop-pop."

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