Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011 - Part 3

After presents at my mom's, we cleaned up and headed to my Granny's house.  More delicious food. We sat and laughed - Kenzie was ready to eat again, we pulled out the old high chair that we used when we were kids.  So many kids have used that chair.

After lunch, and plenty of dessert, it was time for presents.  The great-grands get to hand out presents and then we wait for everyone to settle down before opening.  I LOVE watching the kids open presents.  Everyone's talking at once, laughs, screams of joy, yells of "thank you" everyone in motion.  We're so blessed to have such a big family.

The big hit was a chair shaped like a football from GJ and Grandpa, given to Landon.  Kenzie, however believe's it belongs to her.  Landon also got a Foosball table which he was dying to open right then and there.

After the presents, the little kids (anyone still in school - and Shiloh - ha) get to open their Love Stockings.  These are special stockings not from Santa, but from Granny and Papa.  I loved seeing what little treats were in my stocking when I was little.  Now, I get to watch Landon and Kenzie open their's.

Sometimes we have time to stay and play cards, but today we just sat and visited.  We missed having GJ,  Grandpa, Ty and Tanner with us this year.  Uncle Ronnie took Dad's place and was soon napping in the LaZboy.

Grandkids (minus Ty, Tanner, and Travis)

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