Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kenzie is 2!

I can not believe how fast the last two years have gone by.  My baby is 2!  How can she already be 2?!  But that means Landon is in first grade, and I'm in denial about that too.

I don't even know where to start...but here's some random things she's doing/liking right now.

She loves food, and will try almost anything to eat.  She loves tomatoes, grapes, strawberries, bananas, hamburgers and "chalk-it" (chocolate.)
She loves lemonade, prefers it over milk any day.
She says "I hold you, mama" - love it.
She's wearing 3T clothes right now and still has some rolls on her legs.  She's not super chubby, but she's definitely solid.
She has started using the potty, but not on any kind of schedule.  She hates to be wet, and is ready to change her diaper as soon as she potties in it.
She LOVES to sleep, most of the time.  Every night, we rock in her bedroom and sing a few songs, then she asks to get in her bed.  Her room is freezing, so she sleeps in flannel pajamas (yes in the middle of summer.)
She loves her "bankie" - she has about 4 blankets that she loves, and she has to have one all the time.
She still has her "me-me" - her pacifier.
She likes her dolls and loves to push them in the stroller or shopping cart.
She loves makeup and lotion.  She's always in my bathroom getting in to stuff.
She talks NON-STOP. Seriously, non-stop.  All the time, repeats everything she hears.
She likes to talk on the phone, to call "Gammy" (Grammy) or "Ganma" (Grandma) or GJ or Kallie or "Denny" (Danny)
Bryan found a learning tower at Goodwill, and Kenzie loves it.  She probably spends 1/2 her time up there.
She likes Elmo and Mickey Mouse
She likes to look for the horses on the way home.

For her birthday, we met for lunch at McAlisters, then after work, we went to Logan's before Landon's basketball game.  Going to try to do cake tonight for her.

Lunch at McAlister's

Grabbing mommy's hair

Logan's, eating peanuts

Dancing at Landon's bball game

Thinking it's hilarious to untie mom's shoes.

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