Wednesday, June 20, 2012


A few weeks ago, a miniature schnauzer showed up at my sister's house in West Texas.  She looked like she'd been out on her own for a while.  Since my sister already has enough animals (horses, heifers, ducks, dogs) her husband didn't want to take in another dog.  But this sweet little dog stuck around the house.  After a couple days, my sister cleaned up the dog, bath, shave, etc.  The dog stuck around, followed them while they did chores.
Since my kids LOVE dogs, LOVE THEM, I started conspiring with my sister on how we could get the dog to our house.  My sister put a crate out and the dog liked it...idea getting better all the time.  I slowly worked on Bryan (and the kids.)  Landon wanted to name her Sharley, and just as I was texting that to my sister, her daughter had picked the name Charlotte.  So, Sharley stuck.  Bryan thought I was nuts (more than usual.)  But the kids were so excited.

We met up with my sister in San Antonio. The kids instantly fell in love with Sharley.  She was great.  At first, she wasn't too sure about a leash, but over the two days that weekend, she quickly learned.  This poor dog has been abused.  She was very nervous to be in a hotel room full of people, but it wasn't long before she got over that fear.  (She has a rib that's been kills me that people were so cruel.)  She loves the kids.  We walked the riverwalk and she sat in the stroller with Kenzie the whole time.  She went to the outlets with us barking, no snapping, nada.  The kids even ate McDonalds while she was in they're lap, and she didn't try to get their food, or even act like she noticed they were eating. Seriously - could you ask for a better dog?

And have I mentioned she hasn't barked?  My sister said she's heard her bark at their house, but she hasn't made a peep with us.  On the walks, she notices other dogs, but couldn't care less about them.

(Bwahahaha - I finally get to do a perfect post.  Inside joke.)

So, now she's home with us.  We've walked in the mornings, after I get home from work and then again at night.  Then she stays with us in the house.  She wants to be near people.  As long as we're sitting down in the living room, she'll lay down in her bed.  But if everyone leaves the room, she wants to know / go where we are.

She's sleeping in her crate at night, which is in the kitchen.  Since the kids are home now, she's out all day.  Oh - Bryan's said she's jumped up on the couch a few times, but he puts her back down and she's fine. (See - not perfect.)

After you see the pictures, you'll realize why I think it turned out so great.  This poor lost dog finally found some love.
In Hotel - ready for bed.

"I just love her so much"

The kids

Bryan (gave in! ha!)

Landon and Sharley

Resting after our walk

All kids resting after the walk

Passed out!

After I got out of the shower, I saw that Bryan had moved Sharley's bed over by his chair.

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