Friday, June 1, 2012

Kemah Boardwalk

Landon's last day of kindergarten was only a half day, Bryan and I both planned on taking off and heading down to Schlitterbahn with the kids.  Unfortunately, by the time we got around to leaving, it was already later than normal, and the water-park closed early, so we decided to head to the zoo.  Leaving the neighborhood, I checked the zoo hours, and they were closing early at 4, so we ended up at Kemah.  The mock up shuttle had just passed under the bridge, we got to see it heading into Clear Lake.  That also meant that most people were leaving Kemah.  Lucky for us.

Shuttle in Clear Lake, headed to Space Center Houston.

The kids played on the playground there, then Landon played in the fountain, Kenzie got close, but never got wet.  We fed the stingrays and managed to get wet in there.  Kenzie wanted to dip her hands in the water, and then lick her hands - how disgusting is that!!  She wasn't too sure about the giant (fake) elephant in the aquarium, or the gorilla.  Emma and I stood back so we wouldn't get splashed by the crazy stingrays.

Landon and Bryan feeding Stingrays

Kenzie trying to feed

Landon pointing out the frogs to Kenzie

We walked around the boardwalk - Kenzie threw a fit, can't even remember what it was about, but I just let her lay on the boardwalk and cry til she was finished.  Landon yells, "Mom, did you hit her?!"  Luckily, no one was around to call CPS to question us.  She got over her tantrum and we moved on.  Landon was so mad I was taking a picture of her crying.

Kenzie throwing her fit, complete with drool on the boardwalk.

And fit over - headed to games with her beloved blanket.

We ate Saltgrass early (or as Landon calls it "Sweetgrass") and had the back corner to ourselves.  We put the kids order in early, and before we even had our salads, Landon was ready to go.

We finished up with the rides.  Kenzie didn't want to get off of any of them, Emma rode the train with Kenzie and Landon and when it got back, Kenzie laid in the seat and wrapped her arms around the bench.  She didn't cry, but she had the saddest face - it was heart breaking.

By the time we finished, we were all exhausted.  We stopped for frozen yogurt before heading home.  (We love frozen yogurt!)  Then home, baths, and bed, after our MED walk.

Eating Butter (licking it off the bread) at Saltgrass

Emma riding the planes with Kenzie and Landon

Emma, Landon and Kenzie in the hot air balloons.

Emma, Landon and Kenzie going for the second ride on the train.

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