Thursday, July 5, 2012

No kids! (And a trip to NM)

My niece was here for 5 weeks, but sadly, that time went by SO fast.  She had to return to New Mexico before July 1st to attend a church camp in the mountains.  So, we planned...My niece, the kids and I headed for West Texas.  We left around 9pm on Wednesday and I drove through the night.  I stopped to rest twice, once for 10 minutes and once for 15 minutes - both times the kids woke up...and as soon as I got back on the road, they were out.  Not fair.
We got to my sister's house very early, but they were already outside working on the yard!  I handed off the kids and went to bed.
We stayed Thursday night there.  We all went to their gym - which is crazy.  They have a trampoline room where the kids played trampoline dodgeball.  They also have a media room - this dark and cold room with 4 rows of cardio equipment in front of a big screen.  Awesome.  And a ropes course that is above a play area.  The kids loved it - I didn't think Landon was going to leave!
My other sister came in on Friday and the girls went shopping (and one nephew.)  Left in the afternoon for New Mexico to go to my mom's house.  Landon and Kenzie love her little dog - a brussels griffon that looks like a mini chewbaca.  They chase her and wrestle her, it's hilarious.
On Saturday, my mom made french toast.  I LOVE her french toast.  LOVE IT!  Who cares about sugar addiction, right?
After that delicious breakfast, we got a call that the power might go out.  Luckily, it didn't.  However my cousin and aunt live just down the hi-way and they did lose power.  My aunt (nana) came over to visit for a while, and then my cousin visiting from Colorado came over to shower - since the power was out where she was staying.  (they're on a well, so no power = no water.)  My mom, the kids, my cousin and I headed for the big town (lol) for lunch and shopping.  We had Leal's, then went to the mall and to Mariachi Frog - a cute little boutique/antique place.  Then of course, we had to stop at Bahama Bucks for a shaved ice.
I was stuffed, but had asked mom for lasagna, which she made. (Yes, I completely ignored my food rules on this trip, as I do every time I go out there.)  The lasagna was delicious.
On Sunday, we went to church, where no surprise, Kenzie talked the entire time.  In fact, one time, Dee, the preacher walked toward the side we were sitting on and Kenzie says "Hey!" then turns to Grammy and says "I say Hey that man!"  and then "No, No whisper!" She's a handful.  (You know we got asked to leave a movie a couple weeks ago cause she wouldn't stop talking!)
After church we had a delicious meal at my Aunt's house, complete with an apricot cobbler.  Then it was time for me to leave.  I had been so worried all weekend about how Kenzie would do when I left...Landon had cried a few times at night, saying he missed Dada and Emma...but he kept saying he wanted to stay.  The kids were going back to Lubbock to my sister's house, I loaded them up in her car, said good bye and got in my car.  And bawled!  For about 30 miles.  The trip home went okay.  I haven't driven by myself for that distance in a long time - like since Bryan and I met!  But I did it.

Since then, my sister has sent and posted a ton of pictures of the kids - they are having a blast.  She took them to the lake and back to the gym, then to the other gym.  They've done so many things.  They went back to my mom's to see the other cousins for the fourth, they swam, played baseball.

We are going out there next week for my brother's wedding.  7 more days til we see the kids!

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