Monday, July 9, 2012

Only two more days...

Only two more days until we leave to get the kids.  If I had enough vacation, I'd leave right now.  I miss them sooooo much. I'm not saying Bryan and I haven't enjoyed our time, we definitely have....some things are much easier without kids - like shopping all day, or sleeping in, or eating at a restaurant that takes a million years to serve your food.  But I would give those all up, so quickly, to be back with my kids.  Nothing in the world compares to the feeling of being a parent.  Nothing.

The kids have been having tons of fun, swimming with cousins, fishing at Nana's, playing at Grammy's, camping out at my cousins.  I love having FB with all my family on it commenting on the week events, so I can see all the updates and what they're doing each day.  Hopefully the next few days go quickly. I'm SO ready to see them!

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