Wednesday, July 18, 2012

West Texas, Brother's wedding

I convinced Bryan to leave after volleyball on Tuesday - I WANT TO SEE THE KIDS!  We switched off driving, it was not fun.  Also stopped in Gatesville at Wal-mart, I think there were 1000 crickets.  It was disgusting.

Finally made it to Lubbock.  Dropped of the dog, unloaded some clay targets we got the boys and headed on to Portales.  My mom was getting her hair colored, so we drove straight there.  Kenzie wasn't too sure when she saw us...she wanted me to hold her immediately, but wouldn't talk at all.  She kept her hands in her mouth (this is what she does when she doesn't have a paci - great habit, huh.)  She finally decided she'd go with us to see Landon.  Landon and his cousin were at my mom's house - he was definitely excited to see us and was talking a mile a minute.  He kept hugging us over and over.  Loved every minute of it.

Mom came home and we ordered McCarty's for lunch - definitely one of our favorites when we visit.  Fried green chili strips - yum!  Mom decided the house wouldn't get clean in time for her usual Wednesday dinner for the family so we all  met at El Rancho.  Then it was time for church.  Have I mentioned how much Kenzie talks during church? A LOT.

Thursday mom made french toast - I had 6 pieces - yes 6!  I absolutely love my mom's french toast.  It was fantastic.  Mom left for woman's bible study and we headed back to Lubbock.  Bryan and I got fajita's from Leal's for lunch, got the kids Sonic. (Landon thinks he gets a double extra large cheeseburger from sonic - which is really just a number 1 with cheese.)

My younger sisters kids were already at my older sisters house.  Bryan dropped us off, then he and Landon went to get the tux and haircuts.  Then it was time for the rehearsal.  There were 10 bridesmaids and only 9 groomsmen, so the maid of honor asked Landon to hold her hand - she's a beautiful young blonde - Landon was in HEAVEN.  After rehearsal, we went out to Spirit Ranch for the dinner.  Fajita's and all the fixing, along with cheesecake and key lime pie.  There were peacock's everywhere.  The kids (and older boys) had a great time chasing them around.  

On Friday, my sister and I woke up early and worked out, then enjoyed coffee on the porch.  My younger sister came over and we went shopping to find my niece a dress.  Then it was back home to get Kenzie to nap before the wedding.  Thankfully, she did.  We had to be at the Legacy at 3 (wedding was at 7) for pictures.  Luckily both kids handled that well - Kenzie played with her cousins while Landon stayed in the boys room playing Wii with Bryan and his uncles.  I got to visit with my Granny, sisters and Dad.

The wedding was short and perfect.  Landon had us cracking up the whole time.  The preacher asked for the rings, Landon lifted up the pillow, but my brother reached over him with the real deal.  When Landon realized what he had was fake...well, then the pillow was no longer important...he was kind of tossing it around.  (This is all second hand, because I was trying to keep Kenzie from talking...she had already yelled "My Granny" when Granny sat down, and then waved at the girls until they started laughing.)

After the wedding, it was back to Spirit Ranch.  Enjoyed visiting with family.  But we left early (ish, around 10pm) to get the kids to bed.

Next morning, more coffee on the porch - I really enjoyed that.  Then we made breakfast for everyone.  My mom came over with another cousin, and the kids had a grand time.  We went to Bodyworks and let the kids do the ropes, trampoline room and trampoline dodgeball.

It was HARD to leave that night.  I miss my sisters, my mom, my cousins.  I am praying investments come in so we could possibly move out there.  It's a long way off, and most likely not going to happen....but I sure wish it could.  

Rehearsal Dinner - at Spirit Ranch

Grandpa (my dad) talking to Kenzie and Landon

My sisters, brothers and dad.

My sisters

Bryan and I 

Kenzie and her Vera purse

Flower girls

Landon with his trophy!

Landon at Reception

Bryan and KK

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