Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to Daycare

The kids returned to daycare today.  They spent 5 weeks with my niece watching them at our house, then 2 weeks out in New Mexico/West Texas, then two weeks home with my in-laws, and another two weeks with my mom.  11 weeks.  Oh what a grand summer it was for them.  We are so lucky everything worked out the way it did and they were able to spend so much time with family.  That really bothers me about living here in Houston...not seeing family often enough.  But that's an entirely separate post.

Drop off went perfect yesterday.  Kenzie left me standing at the door to go play with dolls and kitchen food. Landon ran to the gym as soon as we got there and was already sitting with his friends when I went in to say goodbye.  Landon had a fieldtrip to the downtown Aquarium and was upset I didn't give him money to buy something in the gift shop.

However, after school was a different story.  Kenzie was exhausted and hungry.  She drank 4 bottles of lemonade when she got home.  After swimming and dinner, she passed out in front of the TV at 7:30.

Hopefully drop off tomorrow goes as well, but I'm not counting on it.

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