Saturday, August 18, 2012


After spending time with my sister in WT, she suggested we take Landon in for an eye exam.  At his well child, the pediatrician tested him...said it was okay.  But we went ahead and scheduled him with our optomoligst.

Waiting for the doctor

He was a little nervous at first, but they were very good with him.  He loved all the neat machines and was ready for the doctor.  He told me he was nervous that he might not pass.  Well, he started reading....and then I got nervous.  He did okay at first, but then he was saying all the wrong letters.  Turns out he is far-sighted.  She asked to dilate his eyes so she could do further testing, glad we did because it revealed more than originally thought.

He picked out some glasses while we waited for the next round of testing.  He was NOT happy about it.  But we found some Adidas frames that were blue and fit his face well.  Everyone in the office really helped out. It was hilarious while his eyes were dilated - he tried to pick an app to play on my phone, he asked me why all the apps were disco balls.

Picked out glasses - his eyes are dilated and he was not happy.

The glasses came in quickly, maybe a couple days later.  At first, he refused to wear them.  Said they didn't help, that they made everything blurry.  We finally brokered a deal and have gradually increased the time he wears them.  Now, he puts them on before playing his DS, without even being prompted.  I think he realizes how much they help.

I really wish I would have taken him to get tested before Kindergarden.  I wonder how much it would have made a difference in his reading, his writing, his coloring.  (Now I know why he always scribbled - he probably couldn't make out the lines!)

The doctor said he may outgrow this, or he may not (it's the opposite of my eyes - I'm near-sighted, and Bryan has 20/20.)  

Pictures of Landon in his new glasses, and one of Kenzie wearing her's (Dollar tree glasses with the lenses popped out.)

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