Friday, March 2, 2007

A few of my favorite things (and some not so favorite)

Things I love
1. My dogs, Maddie and Mason
2. Playing with Mama's hair
3. Eating Mama's hair
4. Trying to make mama eat her own hair
5. Elmo chair
6. Standing up in the buggy at Target
7. Sweet Potatoes
8. Rice Milk
9. Playing Catch
10. Any kind of ball
11. Chewing on little piglet
12. Chewing the hair on Little People Cow (see a trend here, with the hair?!)
13. Throwing things out of my crib
14. Saying 'Da da'
15. Spitting and blowing Raspberries
16. The Wiggles
17. Dancing
18. Jumping
19. Playing in the Tubberware cabinet
20. Drumming on the diaper dekor
21. Banging my head against mama's forehead
22. Kicking my shoes off
23. Playing "This little Piggy..."
24. Laying on the dog beds.
25. Putting my paci in mom or dad's mouth
26. Watching Baby Einstein
27. Turning pages in books
28. Tearing tissue paper
29. Unrolling Toilet paper
30. Putting duckies on the soap dish in the bathtub
31. Drinking bath water
32. Driving with Daddy
33. Pulling the fan chain
34. Taunting the dogs
35. Playing catch with dad
36. Looking out the window in the playroom
37. Sleeping with mama
38. Opening Cabinets
39. Banging on the TV with legos
40. Playing with Dad's playstation controller

Things I don't like
1. Sleeping in my crib
2. Drinking milk from a sippy cup
3. Washing the shampoo out of my hair
4. Eating baby food with chunky food in it
5. Sitting still during diaper changes
6. Not being able to open a cabinet
7. Getting my nose wiped
8. Saying good bye to mom at day care


  1. oh that list was so funny!!!

  2. Those are great lists! I can see lots of similarities between Landon and my Korley!

    BTW, I LOVE the birthday party theme for Landon. It will be SO CUTE!

  3. Landon and Lila share so much; it's amazing. What's up with not liking baby food with chunks?? She likes smooth baby food, and she likes table food...but something about baby food with chunks..I don't get it.

  4. What a great list! Ellie and Landon share a lot of likes. I think they would be great friends :)