Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Really Walking

Landon started really walking last night. Yeah, he'd walk before, but last night, he just walked to walk. It started at the gym, after our volleyball game. He would walk between Bryan and me, and turn around and everything. Then he was walking in his room last night. I can't wait to get home today and play with him.

We also got his birthday present this weekend (yes it's a few weeks early.) We bought the Little Tikes Kangaroo Climber with a slide. Oh my gosh - he loves it. I'll have to get video of Landon sliding. His face is great!

Not much else to report. I've been out two days with a horrible kidney infection. Trying to get back on track now.


  1. hope you are feeling better tonight.

    The slide sounds like fun! Can't wait to see a picture of Landon on it. And he's walking! How exciting!

  2. Sucks about the kidney infection, but yay! for Landon walking!

  3. Way to go Landon!! Walking already!

    It really opens up their world.