Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Still here

Nothing much exciting going on, and my camera's been in my car, so no pictures. Although I have to get a clip of Landon playing peek a boo - he doesn't quite cover his eyes (really, his hands are usually on the side of his head.)

He has learned to say Maddie and Mason (our dogs), baseball, basketball, Ah Oh, outside, bite, bird, etc, etc, etc. He still loves to whisper while he plays and his new favorite game is blowing raspberries in my face and hair.

He no longer wants to eat baby food, but wants to eat whatever is on our plates. He's had steak, mashed potatoes, fries, baked beans - which happen to be his favorite and basically any dessert he can get his grubby little paws on.

He helped me pull weeds this weekend. He would take them one by one back up the driveway to daddy (who was washing the car.) I found out yesterday, he was doing the same thing at daycare, picking a weed and giving it to his teacher.

He loves climbing. He climbs in his rocking chair, stands up and rocks. He can also climb on the ottoman now. He'll climb up, then sit down, get on his tummy and slide almost all the way off, then decide he wants to stand back up. This goes on for 30 minutes.

He's also become a stinky boy. They play outside at daycare now...and when he comes home, he stinks. Well, he smells like outside. And, oh my goodness, you should see the little farmer tan he's getting. Too cute. He comes home with dirt under his fingernails, and grass stains on his jeans. A true boy.


  1. Can he come over to my place? I have LOTS of weeds for him to pull.

  2. Nice - Owen has yet to say a WORD and is still crawling. Weird how different kids are.

  3. Korley's not saying words, either. I can't believe he can say so many words. She basically says "Dada" but that's it. :( Oh well, Landry says enough for 10 children! BTW, I finally updated my blog--I AM still alive! :)

  4. I love how they are starting to act like little boys - we were playing with another friend this week, and J. was going crazy in the dirt while his little friend, who's a girl, just sat there holding a little flower in her hand!

  5. Welcome to the toddler years! I can tell you that it will only keep getting more and more fun!

  6. Where did you go? Come back! I miss reading about Landon...