Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not just a Father

Landon is sick. Its been a while since he's been really, really sick. But this weekend, yeah, he got really, really sick. He ran a fever all weekend, had little appetite, but otherwise was bouncing off the walls.

Bry took him to the doctor yesterday. Sure enough, his throat was almost swollen shut. She took a throat culture, but went ahead and prescribed antibiotics, cough syrup and more motrin as needed.

Bry loves Landon. He loves being a dad. Loves It. And we're fortuanate that 1) its possible for Bryan to take sick time from work to stay home with Landon when he's sick and 2) that Bryan will do that.

They had a grand day yesterday. After 2 and a half hours at the doctor's office, they went over to Target to fill the scripts. Then over to Chick-fil-a and finally back home. Bry said Landon never got tired, just climbed all over him all afternoon. I got home after work, and Lan had yet to take a nap. LOL. Both Bry and Lan looked totally exhausted.

And yet, Bry's home with him today. They took a bath together this morning; when I left for work, they were headed out to get some "pigs in a blanket" and donut holes. Hopefully Lan will eat something today. He has been drinking plenty of milk, so at least he's getting some calories in.

Bryan's great. I know he tells long, detailed (very long) stories. And he always has to finish his thought, no matter what. And sometimes he says things without thinking about exactly what he's saying. But he is awesome. An awesome husband and an awesome dad. And I'm very lucky. Extremely lucky to have him. And so is Landon.


  1. Go Bryan! He is a great dad. A++ from me! Landon is very lucky to have a father that wants to spend time with him no matter what!

  2. What a good Daddy! I hope Landon gets to feelign better soon!

  3. I am glad that you left a comment -- I had lost the link to your blog a long time ago.

    Good reading about your family. Landon has gotten to be so big.