Friday, June 20, 2008

Short Story Collection

Spiked Hair
Lan and I were playing in the pool.
Mama: "Let me spike your hair"
Lan: "No spike hair, I spike your hair!"
And he grabs a chunk of my hair in one hand, and proceeds to hit it with the other hand. "Spiking" it just like a volleyball.

Milk, not water
During the night, Landon asked for 'juice'. Bryan gets up and fills a juice cup with water (our way of discouraging juice in the night.) Lan takes one sip, cries, "No, no, no water, I want milk." Put the juice cup in one hand and spikes it (like a volleyball) with the other hand tossing it out of the bed.

(Notice a vball trend here?)

The Sky is crying
Landon wanted to go outside and swim in the pool one day after work. A rain storm was headed to the house. Miss Cole told Lan that we couldn't go outside cause it was going to rain, that the "sky was going to cry." Lan looked at her, looked at me...the saddest face I've ever seen. He ran over to me bawling. We then convinced him the sky wasn't crying, it was just rain.

Landon talks non stop now. All. The. Time.
"Mama, watcha doin?"
"Mama, who's that guy?",
"Mama, watch this.",
"Mama, that's a girl",
"Mama, I a monkey",
"Mama, don't you get me."
"Mama, get me!"
"Mama, I go water"
"Hey Guys, watch this."
"where Daddy go?"
"There he is"
"Daddy, don't get my sugars"

I love this age. Well, I've loved every age. He is so much fun.

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  1. The things they say and do are just so cute. I love this age too...well most of the time.