Sunday, June 15, 2008

Picking Fruit

We found out about an orchard that's apparently been right around the corner the whole time we've lived here.

Although it was hotter than the face of the sun (and we were out there before 10am!) we had a great time. Landon loved picking the blackberries off and popping them in his mouth. We finally convinced him to stop eat ting them until we had paid.

They also had peach trees which we picked from...along with lots of vegetables and herbs, which we didn't go through. It was just getting way too hot.

Then it was home to relax in the pool. LOL - the blow up pool in our backyard. Bry and Lan enjoyed the water, while mom just stayed close by in a chair. My ear is still bothering me, so I didn't want to chance getting



)that's 11.1.0f2210 -

that's from landon...he said " i type too mommy" guess its time to get off and watch oswald before we go to bed.


  1. Too cute! I hope your cobbler comes out deliciously!

  2. How fun! I wanna go! Where is it?