Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday, Bry got Landon and his buddy Maddox out of school a little early and we met up with them at the movies. Kung Fu Panda was hilarious. Bry, Mel and I cracked up almost the entire movie. The boys liked it too. Landon announced during it that he had to go potty, so up we went. And yes, he did have to go. Then it was back to the movie, where he pretty much was a monkey for the last 30 minutes.

Saturday, I was awoken to Landon saying "jodie, jodie, jodie" Huh? "I'm mommy, remember." "No, no mommy, you jodie." LOL...okay.

Bry let me go shop and get my hair done, well, he didn't actually know I was getting my hair done. (And by the way, it is so super cute!) When I finally got home, I was informed that Landon had wrestled Bry all day. Which was pretty much evident by Landon hiding inside Bryan's shirt (saying the Joker was going to get him.)

Lan went to Maddox's house while we attended a friend's wedding. I'm sure he had a great time, but decided to wake up and play once we picked him up (around 11:00!) And then proceded to get up at 7:30 Sunday morning!

He did really well with the potty all weekend. We're not actively forcing potty training, but ask in regular intervals if he wants to go. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't.

We went to the pool yesterday also. Landon LOVES water. And the boy is fearless. We have to be very "aware." Cause he'll jump off whether someone's there or not. We almost had an icidence, he jumped in 'near' Mr. Danny, but not close enough for Danny to catch him and went under. Luckily, he was under when we all did the "Ahhh..." when he came up he was just all smiles, thinking he was such a big boy.

Oh, and he totally hates the number 3. I have no idea why. But he will NEVER say three. 1-2-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, no 3. never a 3.


  1. Your hair is totally cute, you need to post a photo!

  2. For quite some time Lila used to skip the number four...then one day she just started including it. It's funny all the little quirks they have when they're this little.