Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kinder Graduation

Landon had Kinder graduation this morning.  He wanted everyone he knew to come... unfortunately, with family so far away, he had a small fan club.  He asked Danny and Nicole and begged for sister to come.  Bryan, Nicole, Kenzie and I were able to attend.  The kids sang cute songs, and then headed to the classrooms for snacks and awards.  Landon recieved the "Kind Hearted" award.  Very fitting for him.  Makes me very proud of him.  Kenzie was really good through the whole ceremony.  Probably because of the food available at the party.  Ha!
The theme was Luau, and I'm sad we never took a family picture, cause I have to say, we looked good!  LOL - yes, I am definitely bragging here.  But here's some pics of the kids:

Kenzie playing with Bryan

Landon singing

Kenzie let me put a bow in her hair!

Landon in class, waiting to eat.

Enjoying snacks

Getting his Kind Hearted Award from Mrs. Weidman

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