Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wildlife Park

On Sunday, we still played the tourist.  We had a wonderful brunch at La Brisa - pancakes, waffles, migas, chorizo, fruit, etc.  Delicious.  I think they have the best waffles and pancakes I've ever eaten.  I love it when family comes to town because that usually means we make a trip to La Brisa for breakfast.

After breakfast, we headed over to Dickinson Wildlife park.  The price has gone up a lot since we first moved here - it's now $18 for an adult to get in!  But worth the price to see the kids enjoy it.
As soon as we drove over the cattle guard, an ostrich came over and pecked our windows.  Kenzie started crying!  But she soon got over the fear and was excited to see the animals.  Landon and Kallie were going crazy in the back of the van.

Good timing, because we only waited about five minutes before our tram pulled up and we all boarded.  We fed most animals, but the bison and the long horns - we missed them.  Which was okay with me, cause they're usually snotty.  We almost missed the camels, but they decided at the last minute, to come over.  They weren't hungry, but managed to sling slobber all over my younger sister, Jana and a few other passengers.

Kenzie enjoyed throwing food pellets, although i don't think many got out of the tram.  Landon pegged Jill a couple times, which he thought was hilarious.

After the park, we went over to Frobergs and picked up various food items.  The greatest hit was okra chips.  Basically dried okra - so delicious!  I wish we would have gotten a couple (or 10) bags.  The kids all got different candy, and of course we had to get fried pies.  Yum!  Alex (my nephew) got the cutest miniature jaw breakers, unfortunately, they tasted like black licorice.

Then we headed back to the house, put the sprinkler so that it would hit the trampoline, and then eventually filled up the kiddie pool.  The kids played forever outside, while we sat and laughed in the shade.  Kenzie got to control the water hose, and was having a grand time making the kids scream by squirting them.  They thought it wsa funniest when she shot herself in the face, which happened quite often.

Then on to dinner at Chuys and another round of yogurt at Yogurt Bear.  Instead of walking, we ended up in the upstairs living room, telling stories and laughing.  We laughed so hard, most times there wasn't any sound coming out.  And I'm sure there were more than a few snorts.

The kids feeding Emu's.

Alex waiting with a deer.

Bryan, Landon and Kenzie feeding deer.

Kallie, Jana, Burl and Abby ready for the tram ride.


Jill and Kenzie "I look fru window"

Jana feeding an ostrich (Burl ready to karate it's neck if it gets too close.)

Landon torturing Emma

The camel, right before it got Jana with a long string of slobber.

Abby waiting for her turn to ride the pony.

Kids at frobergs

Kenzie's in charge!

Everyone trying to hide from Kenzie's water (and I'm pretty sure she's saying "No Bubba")

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