Saturday, May 26, 2012


My sisters (and family) came in for the long weekend.  My younger sister's husband got to see the ocean (gulf) for the first time in his life. He's a rancher and doesn't get to go on many vacations, not sure how thrilled he was with the seaweed beach at Galveston, but the kids loved it.  We got there plenty early, after half of us spent some time at the chiropractor.  We all sunscreened up and played in the water and sand for a couple hours.  My nephew and little sister got taken under by the rip tide, but survived.  That nephew also got slapped in the face by a fish!  Bryan said he stepped on a fish.  And we got to see miniature shrimp all over the beach.

The place we usually park (8 mile road) was covered in seaweed.  It was high tide and there was no beach, so we ended up at Stewart beach.  By the time we got ready to leave, the place was packed!  We headed down to the strand to enjoy some ice cream at the candy store.  And, of course, had to make a trip into Col. Bubba's  military store.  That place creeps me out, but we all found survivor bracelets!  Look here: Survival Straps.

We headed home, cleaned up and went for pizza at Russo's.  Then to LC park where we enjoyed a local band playing some music.  The kids loved feeding the turtles and playing on the playground.  

Landon got tired

Kenzie with her crazy hair.

Enjoying candy

Not sure who took the camera

Waiting for the "dolts" to finish shopping

more ice cream pics

Abby with her giant slice!

LC playground

Bryan 'catching turtles'

Feeding the turtles goldfish

Jill and Burl spotted this tiny baby turtle resting on the lily pad.

Doesn't she look tiny standing next to Bryan.

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