Sunday, May 20, 2012

Friendswood Park

Miss Nicole did an Art show in Friendswood on Saturday.  It was an AWESOME park, with one of the boundless playgrounds (is that the right term?)  After visiting with Nic for awhile, the kids and I headed to the playground.  (Bryan played Mud volleyball at the Pasadena Strawberry Fest.)  The playground was great - although Landon got sick on one of the spin rides (and ended up throwing up behind a tree on the side of the park.)

We went back to see Nic, grabbed some hotdogs and cold water and sat in the grass.  The kids loved it, although Landon did not want to paint, make a necklace, make stained glass hanger.  He just wanted to go back and play.  I asked Kenzie if she wanted to paint, she said yes, "Paint finger nails?"  Uh, no.
Kenzie saying "cheese" - notice the blanket we can't leave home without!

Kenzie checking out the spinner

Maybe she'll take a spin...

What did that do?

Landon in the other spinning chair

Landon resting after the spinner.  Not feeling too well, but this astro terf grass sure was perfect for laying around.

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