Thursday, October 26, 2006

7 Month Checkup

Yes, I realize it was supposed to be a 6 month check up, but...

Landon was 17 pounds 12 ounces, 27.5 inches long, and I don't remember his head circumference. He was still under the 50 percentile on his weight, but almost 70% on his height.

And he gets to start eating lunch. LOL. We'd only been doing the baby food for breakfast and dinner, so now he'll get another meal - plump that baby up.

Two shots (one for flu.) He did great. Just a small startle cry.


  1. We were a couple of weeks late w/ Lila's six month checkup biggie. So far, we've only done baby food for dinner, but I'd considered adding a little. For what reason did the doctor recommend it? I'm curious if it's necessary for us too.

  2. She said if he was doing well with the baby food at breakfast and dinner, he was ready to move on. Since he's on formula, he's still getting plenty of iron now.

    He ate two jars of stage 2 food (green beans and sweet potatoes) last night. In the morning he usually eats oatmeal with a fruit.

  3. When you give him baby food, do you also give him a bottle? We give Jenna one jar of stage 1 or 1/2 jar of stage 2, and then follow it with a bottle. Just wondering if you're also giving him a bottle after 2 jars. We'd give her more food and less formula, but she gets impatient while she's eating! :)

  4. Since I'm still nursing, I'm not really sure what to do. I've read all sorts of contradictory information. Some places say that besides the iron, they really don't need food until they're one year old, so just feeding them one serving of cereal each day is OK. I don't know what I'll do. I'm giving her one serving of cereal with either a veggie or a fruit each night. She usually doesn't eat an entire jar if I give her the cereal too. I give her vitamin drops just to make sure she's getting enough.