Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sleep or No Sleep

Landon was great yesterday. We picked him up, he fell asleep on the way home. Bryan rocked him while I got ready (from my run.)

Landon finally woke up, we picked up Danny and headed out to Kemah, yummy Saltgrass. Landon had fun flirting with all the girls. He ate his oatmeal and mixed vegetables (gnasty) and fell asleep in his high chair.

We put him in bed when we got home and he slept until about 11. When he wakes up crying. So I pick him up, bring him to the living room and rock him, give him some more bottle, some teething tablets and he sleeps.

Then its the waking up screaming thing all over again. From about midnight until 2:30. He was awake though this time. We did all we could think of until 1:30 when I decided he was definitely overtired by this time and just needed sleep. So I put him in his crib, turned on his music and his humidifier (white noise + moisture.) Went in at 5 minutes, he's still crying. Stayed with him a minute - he was SO tired. Kept crying. Went in after 10 minutes. Still crying, but not as hard, he was getting to tired. Bryan went in after another 10 minutes, still crying. Finally, an hour later, Bryan just went in and covered him up - he was asleep. He slept from 2:30 until we woke him up this morning at 8 to leave for day care.

I felt horrible last night, but I just think he doesn't know how to fall asleep by himself. And that is not a good thing. After him crying with us for that long, I knew 1) he wasn't hungry 2) he didn't have gas 3) he didn't want his paci 4) he didn't care about us holding him 5) his diaper was dry 6) he was at a good temperature 7) his teeth are fine. So now we're committed. We're going to keep it up for the next few nights. Hopefully he'll start sleeping in his crib.

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