Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I no want cussion!

Last night, Landon was jumping around our sectional. Bry and I both asked him to stop jumping, to which he replied, he was only tip-toeing. LOL. Then Bry said, "You should stop, or you're going to fall and get a concussion."
Lan looked over at Dad and laughed, "No, I no want cussion." Of course, Bry and I just look at each other and burst in to laughter.

Also, have to mention our walk last week. Landon decided (quite frequently now) that he wanted to wear big boy undies....and no shorts. Well, we were going out for a walk, so being a relaxed mom, we take off in the wagon, Landon wearing a sleeveless batman shirt, some hulk undies that are WAY too big, causing droopy bottom and his bright green crocs. No big deal, right, cause he's riding in the wagon. No one can really see how white trash unfashionable he is.

That is, until, he decides he wants to get out of the wagon and run/walk. LOL. We had to stop by Mr. Danny's to let him have a laugh and let Lan have a potty break.


  1. You might be a redneck if... I love that story about Landon and the underwear. I just wish you had a picture that you could break out when he brings his first lady friend over to meet the parents someday.

  2. That is awesome. You should have taken a picture. I love the days Ellie dresses herself, but not so much when we have to go somewhere.

  3. So cute! I am so glad you are getting these great stories down so that he can read them all someday!