Monday, July 14, 2008

Waste of a weekend...

Apparently, I'm allergic to sulfur and any medication containing sulfur. How do I know this? Cause my eye didn't get better, in fact, it got horrible. But, I luckily found an optometrist that works on Friday afternoons (apparently this isn't a common thing - the doctor working on Friday afternoon, that is.) New medication and my eye is doing oh so much better.

But, that's my excuse for being lazy all weekend. I did nothing. Except nap and watch TV. Oh, and I cooked a wonderful dinner last night. Chicken and Rice, fried okra, squash casserole, baked apples, the works. It was scrumptious. And this morning I'm paying for it. My stomach is way upset. Why can delicious food be so bad for you?

Here's to a more productive and energetic week.


  1. Total bummer on the meds. Hopefully it will be on the up and up from ehre on out. Nothing wrong with taking a lazy weekend though!

  2. Ate the crap out of the left overs you sent home with me. Dang...that was good...even the second time around. Yeah...stomach is reaking havoc with me to but it was so worth it...TWICE.