Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pink Eye

I have pink eye. How junior high is that? LOL. Apparently, my precious little son brought it home from daycare on his clothes, blanket or shoes, but not, thankfully in his eye.

I went to the clinic at work, where they basically freaked out, yelling at me not to touch ANYTHING, right before they hosed me down with a water/bleach combo fire hose. Okay, well, maybe not a hosing down, but they did remind me 39012873 times to "not touch anything!" And they said I had to leave work immediately and not come back until the eye was clear. Uh, yeah. I've worked pretty good at getting my sick hours back in check, so I think I'll be back at work tomorrow. LOL. Unless, of course, I'm still oozing out my eye like that lizard that shoots blood.

About to go do my pushs up for the day. Woot woot. My abs and chest are still sore from Day 1 of this thing. Can't imagine how fun tomorrow will be.

Update: Did the pushups, 9,8,6,5,10. oh dear goodness.


  1. Sorry about the pink eye :-( It's hard to avoid when you have the little ones. I can only imagine how many more times I'll get it *sigh*

  2. KudosKUDOS on the pushing upward!

    (This challenge is rough!)

    And the pinkeye? I feel for you.

    My Toddler Tornado seems to bestow that upon me at every opportunity.


  3. I had that red eyes and they made me stay at work! A hangover should count as being sick....