Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010 Pictures

Kenzie's beautiful blue eyes.  She's light up everytime she saw a camera.  Already posing!

Landon and Kenzie with Granny Foster.  (Landon wasn't happy he had to take a picture.) Notice he's wearing his Texas Tech jersy with Tanner's number.

Tradition at my mom's house.  Decorating home made sugar cookies. (Which I ate for the next week.)

Kenzie going for a ride.  Cousin Cora loved pushing K around in the walker.

Grandpa and Kenzie chilling at Granny Fosters.

Landon helping entertain Kenzie at Nana Sharon's  before Christmas Eve dinner.

Some of the cousins checking out Brocks new iPad.

Rhodes Family in pink and black - day after Christmas

Landon was so excited to get "snow" the day after we flew in.  It didn't snow much and didn't last long, but it was just enough for him.  (He really wanted more...but that didn't happen this trip.)

Rhodes Family at Granny Foster's on Christmas Eve

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