Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Sleep Over

We had our first sleep over on Friday.  Our friend's daughter had tubes put in her ears on Friday morning.  After a long day with his mom and sister, M got to come stay at the house with us.  He packed up a little suitcase (it was so cute.)

They played PS3 for a while, jumped on the trampoline, and then played with every single toy upstairs (or at least the room looked like they did.)

We only had one incident (a toy princess amidala or leia - argument over which one it was.)  Other than that, the boys played great together.

We put them in bed, and moved the baby monitor to Landon's bedroom.  They whispered and giggled for ever.  Bryan finally went up and sat in the room to keep them from talking and they were asleep in less than five minutes.

The next morning Bryan offered them donuts and kolaches which they refused, so Bryan made them green waffles.  Then it was time for gymnastics.  After gymnastics they were ready for donuts.  Boys.  M's family picked him up from the donut shop (they were passing by.)

Then it was time for another birthday party (I think we have one every weekend til april!)  It was at a park - Lan played hard.  After the party, we had an early dinner.  Landon fell asleep on the way home, at 5pm.  He slept until 7am the next morning!!

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