Monday, January 3, 2011

Update on the kids

Wow, have I been horrible about blogging!  Guess I could go back to my Facebook posts and see what I've done for the past two months.

Landon is growing up so quickly.  He'll be 5 in 3 months!  I just can't believe it.  He's still around 37 pounds and about 45 inches tall.  He's so skinny, it's crazy.  He hardly ever eats, and if he does, its just a corn dog. Or one package of fruit snacks.  Yes, this is our (parents) issue and we need to deal with it...but that's not going to happen today.

Mackenzie is growing so, so, so fast!  We spent the last two weeks in New Mexico.  That little girl wants to pull up on everything.  She thinks she needs to be standing/walking all the time.  What she doesn't realize is that she can't walk by herself!  She'll lunge forward from sitting to get in a crawl position, then she tries to get her leg under her so she can stand up.  Crazy!  She can crawl backwards now and turn in circles.  And walk backwards in the walker.  Won't be long now. 

I love seeing the kids together.  Landon is so good with her.  He kisses and dotes on her all the time.  And he always wants her to sit by him, or watch him play.  She loves him just as much.  Her little face brightens every time she sees or even hears him.  She gets the biggest smile on her face. 

In the past month, she's started to want mommy.  If she sees or hears me, she does this little fake whimper thing, wanting me to pick her up.  And if anyone is standing, she puts her arms out begging to be picked up.

She says her name (what we call her) "kay, kay" - that was her first word(s). She says da-da and goya (like landon) and a sort of crying '" when she's sad.  She doesn't associated those "words" with anything.  She just likes talking.

She's chewing on everything she can get her little hands on.  There's got to be a tooth there soon.

Landon has made a best bud.  He and Mason are inseparable.  They're really good together, never any fighting.  So nice to let them go play and not worry about any one getting feelings hurt, or some one getting hurt or mad. They have the same mind set and are both good kids.  Its fun watching him make a best friend. 

I'll have to post a Christmas update separately.  Just way too much to type.

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