Thursday, January 6, 2011

Morning Routine

Working on a new morning routine.

Previously, Kenzie would stir around 4-5, I would nurse her in our bed and go back to sleep.  She would then stir again around 5:30-6:30, when I would let her nurse again so she'd fall back asleep.  But the last set could contain anywhere from 1- 5 nursing sessions, depending on how quickly she went back to sleep and how soon she woke up, etc.  Not any effort on my part, she's laying there, I'm laying there, I'd just let her hopes that we could both go back to sleep....

Now...I nurse her when ever she wakes up around 4, then we both go back to sleep.  I have my alarm set so that I can get up early (6am, but tomorrow it will be 5:30) so I can get up and watch DVR'ed Kathie and Hoda (which I became addicted to while at mom's house.)  Curl my hair, and put make up and maybe get dishes done, or toys picked up.  When Kenzie wakes up, this time, instead of nursing and letting her go back to sleep, I take her into the living room with me, letting Bryan (and Landon - who has been sleeping in the lay-z-boy in our bedroom) keep sleeping.

She can play and I get to enjoy more time with her...and then by 7-7:30ish, she's ready for breakfast, which is now cereal and a veggie or fruit.  And Landon wakes up now at 7 and has cereal also (YAY! - that's a huge accomplishment.)

I'm still adjusting the timing of everything.  But I think its going to work out.  I'm not any less tired, since I wasn't getting quality sleep for that last hour, hour and a half anyway.

After more of these type of mornings, we'll be able to get our nighttime routine in place.  The most important piece of advice I've read so far is that, yes, routines do help kids...but always, always, always be flexible in your routine.  There's times when life happens and it doesn't care about your 'routine' or what time you give the kids a bath, or what time you lay them down.  And that's okay.  Enjoy a night with the kids...let them stay up a little longer, go out for dinner, whatever...make sure that you aren't so strict on your schedule that you or your kids can't function any differently.  Because I guarantee you, something, sometime will change that schedule. And if you've been flexible, you and your kids will be able to enjoy a deviation.

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  1. Sounds like things are going well for you! That's great! I had to get up at 5 once I started back at work so I could get ready and nurse Aiden before I left for the morning. It was a really nice quiet time with Aiden, but man was I tired! I was so thankful when Aiden hit a year old and moved up a class. That meant they fed him breakfast, so I didn't have to. Now I sleep in until 5:45!!! Wahoo!

    I can't imagine not having a flexible schedule. I am still pretty good at feeding Aiden at the same time (give or take 30 mins), but I like being able to get out of the house to do stuff in the evenings. I like to be out and about!

    Keep up the good work!!