Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kenzie's 7 month (6 month check up)

Not really surprising, (just like Landon's 6 month checkup), we got Kenzie's 6 month checkup when she was 7 months.

The surprising part - at 7 months, they weighed the exact same!!  But Landon was 1.5 inches taller - which is why he was in the 30% in weight and Kenzie is the 65%. 

She weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces and was 26 inches tall.  She wasn't really sure about laying naked on the scales...and started crying when I moved too far away (she's really become a mama's girl.)  She did okay with the shots, cried a little with both of them.  Luckily we'd had time to nurse in the room before the dr got there, so that helped.

She's growing up too fast.  She now pulls up on anything she can find.  If she's sitting and you try to reach for her, she'll grab your hands so she can pull up and walk.  She LOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEESSSSS to walk.  She'll stand on her own for about 5-7 seconds before she tries to reach for something...and she's gotten really good at standing at one toy and moving to the other.

She isn't "crawling" but she'll go up on one knee, scooch a little and roll down, then back on the knee, scooch, etc.  She can get to anything she wants.

She has really become a mama's girl.  Bryan hardly gets to hold her.  As soon as she sees me, she starts pushing off of him, trying to get to me.

OH!! We have this little dinosaur we bought for landon - it has holes for balls that you put in and then the balls roll down slides...she figured out the slide really fast.  She was putting all her toys on them and pushing them down.  Then she discovered Landon's mini skateboard ramp and realized her toys would slide down it too.

Landon's growing up too.  I can't believe how big he is...still skinny of course - since he won't eat anything.  He's ready for his birthday and for kindergarten.  He loves playing the PS3 with his dad or wrestling Dad on the trampoline.  He's still so good with Kenzie, giving her toys, playing with her.  Its awesome to see them together.  He still loves my hair and although he sleeps with all his ducks, he still on occasion asks if he can have my hair. 

He has lots of friends at school - they all hug every time they see each other or leave each other.  But his best friend is Mason.  They're inseparable.  I think if they could live together they would do it.  They play pretty well together, very few arguments - which they can usually resolve themselves.  Luckily they'll be going to the same school next year (whew!)  Lan also loves Mason's sister, Emersyn.  She's a doll and loves chasing the boys or getting them to chase her. 

Lan told me this week he has a girlfriend, but it's a secret and he never told anyone.  It's a girl in his class.  He tells me, "mom - she always says my name. And she always hugs me."  LOL...too young for that!

Both kids are great, healthy and well behaved.  We're very blessed!

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  1. It really trips me out how young kids are when they notice certain things. My friends 18-month old daughter was making the king and queen on some playing cards kiss the other day. WHERE DID SHE LEARN THAT?! LOL! Keep an eye on that one. Landon's quite the cutie!!