Thursday, November 16, 2006

Big Boy Jammies

Landon's Grandma bought him some big boy PJs. You know the kind with the white footies for traction. We decided to get 12 month, so he could wear them into the winter months.


I put them on last night, and guess what, they fit. He's just growing up too fast.
Here's a picture of Landon and Mason (our cocker spaniel.)

Here's the pictures of Landon falling asleep after dinner.

And this is just a cute picture from this morning. Bry and Landon were playing a little football before work.


  1. What a big boy! Some of Amelia's 12 month stuff fits her too (baggy,but it works). Are those apple jacks on his highchair? That pic is hilarious!

  2. His hair makes him look like a big boy to me. Funny how Lila and him were born on the same day, but to me he looks so much older.