Friday, November 10, 2006

Wave Bye Bye

Landon is just getting so big. It just amazes me everyday.

He's doing awesome sleeping through the night. And, oh my gosh, he's just too cute in the morning. Bry's off work today and his parents are in town. I got up early, didn't sleep well last (headache.) So I went in to check on Landon before I left. He does the cutest thing in the morning. He's always on his tummy. When you go in the room, he lifts his head and tilts it all the way back with a big smile on his face. Maybe I'll get this on camera. I love it. He's just so happy to see me in the morning.

I made breakfast while Bry took a shower. Oatmeal and prunes. Yummy. Bryan came in as we were finishing up and helped Landon with some Banana puffs. As I was getting ready to leave, saying Bye-Bye to Landon. He lifted his little chubby hand and waved bye! I run to get the camera, and yep, he stops. Little stinker.

I'm sure he's having fun with Grandma and Grandpa right now.

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  1. Amelia is really into waving now as well! She waves at everyone and everything, including our cat when she comes into the room and the little children on Baby Einstein.