Monday, November 27, 2006

Here Comes December!

This is where I would typically post Landon's Thanksgiving pictures, but guess what, our battery died before I could take the first picture.

We woke up Thursday morning, played around for a while, watched the Macy's parade. Then I made some gingerbread men, a cheese dip and I tried my hand at my mom's caramel corn. Apparently the recipe that works in West Texas doesn't quite work down here. It never would really caramelize. So we ended up with something more like taffy corn.

We had lunch at my cousin's house in Sugarland. Landon LOVED the hardwood floors. He could turn and move so easily. And he had a great time playing with his cousin Lizzie. I don't think she was too happy when he kept trying to grab the candyland board game. She told me that we "really definitely should buy him this game."

Lunch was delicious. Everything was so great. And there was so much, I almost didn't finish my sweet potatoes (since I save them for last.) We had a great time laughing and chatting, watching Landon. Landon, Lizzie and I went out back after dessert to pick up pecans. We only found a few, since they'd already been out there and collected all of them. Lizzie wanted to know if we had pecan trees at our house. I said no, just pear trees. She said she knew how to grow pecan trees and that we should try it so we could have pecans next year. She said to get a pecan and plant it and then we would have a tree that had pecans on it. That we also needed to water it. I asked if we needed to feed the tree and she replied, "yeah, probably bird feed or something."

We left Kim's early to head to Nicole's house. They had finished up dinner there and were watching a movie, waiting for dessert. Kim H. and I played with Landon, he was pretty sleepy by then, so he wasn't too interesting. Then it was home for a bath and bed.

On Friday, Bryan put up the lights on the house. I had the Christmas tree up and decorated. We actually went out to the stores, Target and Walmart, neither were very crazy. I think we walked out with a rattle for Landon and that's about it.

I put up half the lights in the bushes yesterday, I'll have to finish the rest today. We bought a motion detector light which Bryan installed last night. We also found a tree skirt to match our decorations. And Bryan got up lighting for the front of the house. I guess he'll be working on that this weekend.

Landon update: He's now weighing 19 pounds 6 ounces. He's in 12 month clothing. His bottom two teeth are completely out. His top right is working its way out. He can say "Mama, Dada, Daddy, Puppy, Ball, Goya and Ga, ga, ga" Bryan thinks he's trying to say Gator (as in Florida Gators.) He's eating finger foods, drinking from a bottle or a sippy cup. Eating three meals a day. Sleeping through the night (8:30 - 6:30.) Pulling up on stuff, crawling (more like scooting) backwards. The boy is like a monkey. He laughs pretty much all the time. And always wants to know where Mama and Daddy are, and if they're both in sight, he has to know what the puppies are doing.

I'm heading to the mall today. I've got to find a Christmas outfit for Landon. And I've been looking everywhere for Christmas pajamas. Hopefully we can get pictures done this week and have them ready to mail next week.

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