Wednesday, November 1, 2006


Landon enjoyed his first Halloween. We got home, had some oatmeal, sweet potatoes, prunes and cheerios - sounds like a good dinner, huh. Then we suited up, took pictures and headed out. The lady across the street had a table set up with candy. She ooh'ed and aah'ed over Landon who just stared back at her like "get me out of this costume." She told Landon to come over anytime for cookies, that she had a "grandmother's house" and would always have a treat for him. Next was our next door neighbor. Landon wanted to play in her candy bowl. All the shiny chocolate candy wrappers looked great to him.

We went by Danny's, Landon sat for a while there, trying to eat through a Twix package. Then to our friend, Nicole's house. He fell asleep after that, and was zonked out for two other friend's houses (both whom had already run out of candy.)

We changed him to his pj's and put him in bed. He never woke up. In fact, Bryan went in around 4 to check on him. He slept all the way until 6:30 this morning. Maybe we should go trick or treating every night!

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