Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Growing up too fast

Landon is growing up so fast! I just can't believe it.

This weekend we went shopping with our friend Nicole. We found one of those cute little chairs for toddlers. I let Landon down to see if he liked it, and guess what, he stood all on his own for about 30 seconds. LOL. We made him do it again and again. So now he pulls up on everything and tries to let go. He doesn't stay up very long. He's also loves to jump ('bounce') He has a exersaucer at school that bounces, so he wants to bounce on everything. The grocery cart, my lap, his seat in Sunday school, his car seat, on the dogs.

Also, he has mastered crawling forward. It's still more of commando style crawl, but he gets there. He pretty much gets anywhere he wants now. And won't stay still for anything. This makes bed time difficult. Previously, when he would wake up, we could go in, pat him and sing and he'd go back to sleep, now he knows how to raise his head up, pull himself over to the side and tries to get up. As you can imagine, it makes getting him back to sleep a little difficult.

We bought a Baby Einstein video this past week. We played it and I thought there's no way this will keep his attention. But guess what, he loves watching it! That and Bear in the Big Blue House. He will actually sit for almost 30 minutes just absorbing the sounds, names, songs from those shows.

(As I sit here and type, I’m watching Landon stand up and 'bounce' in daycare. He'll bounce until he falls on his bottom, then pulls him self back up and bounces some more.)

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  1. Landon is a cutie. Isn't it great when they start to learn new tricks? I swear Joe learns something new every day.