Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Landon's Haircut

Overall, not a bad experience, I guess.

We took Landon to Cool Cuts for Kids to get his first hair cut. He LOVED the Lego table and Thoma.s the Tr.ain table. And he loved driving the little yellow cab. What he didn't love was the out of control 7-8 year old behind him screaming his head off (and dodging the clippers, I might add.) Landon thought for sure they were torturing this kid, which upset Landon. Not to mention, Landon busted his lip on the screw that was sticking out of the steering wheel, where I assume a horn used to be. (Yes, we filed a report with them.)

So here's the chronological pictures of his adventure.

And finally, after the haircut (wish you could see his hair all spiked up.)


  1. So cute! I can't believe he already needed a haircut!

  2. Ok, good....I was able to post a comment. I had been trying the last two posts.

    So funny that you found my blog and left me a comment--I have always read your blog through Sugar and Ice's but had never left a comment. I always came back to read yours, though, b/c Landon and Korley are about the same age and I love the name Landon. My older daughter was going to be Landon if she had been a boy--but she wasn't so we changed it to Landry.

    Have a great day!

  3. So adorable! Those tears in the last few pics are heartbreaking. Darn screw. But love the haircut. Maybe someday Ellie will have enough hair to cut ;)

  4. Awww, did you cry? He looks like such a big boy! I think I will cry the first time Jenna needs a haircut because she will seem like such a big girl! If she was a boy, we probably would need to do it soon because we can push it behind her ears...

  5. Poor Lila probably won't need a haircut until she's in college.

    Landon is so cute!!!! I'm loving his new do!